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Develop Your Destiny Lifestyle with DDP™ Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting Programs


If you are ready to make the connection between IDENTITY and DESTINY, then you are ready to explore and identify your DESTINY CODES. When you identify your destiny codes you will be able to organize your life with the awareness of:

  • Destiny processing

  • Destiny patterning

  • Destiny practicing

You want to live a fully conscious and fully awake life don't you? Don't you want to know where you are going and how come it is you both want and have to go there?


Processes, patterns and practices will enable you to close the gap between where you are and where you intend to be. It will also:

  • Enhance your esteem skills and enlarge your relational capacities for alliances that benefit yourself and those you network with

  • Empower you to manage conflict with balance, integrity, and resiliency

  • Help you to maintain clear boundaries

  • Provide you the necessary time and space for real self care and self-renewal

  • Increase your earning potential 

  • Unleash the kind of creativity that overcomes the constraints of your past and embraces the powerful pull of your future

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Fulfill Your Grand Design

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