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It is a four-message teaching on the amazing compassion of Jesus, how he sees us, how he draws us to himself, and how he brings us into a life more abundant. It’s as much an extended meditation that invites the deep reflection as it is a teaching. It contains some prophetic elements, yet its emphasis is on how Jesus brings us into our humanness by dealing with all the things that harass us and make us feel helpless. I realize that we live in a day when we are promised that if we just apply a few easy techniques, we can or could succeed at everything. I’m too old to believe that anymore. I’ve lived too long, I’ve seen too much, I’ve been taught to know better. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned, and I’m ever persuaded that I am still on a learning journey. It’s what I have learned that I cover in this four-message series that will bring healing and comfort, strength and encouragement, and rest in a refreshing to your soul.

It's My Soul That's Troubled Who Really Cares | 4 MP3

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