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Let me take you on Simon Peter’s journey from denial to restoration at two charcoal fires (the only two mentioned in all of Scripture)! The one charcoal fire is where Simon Peter denies Christ, the other is at the Sea of Tiberius where Jesus restores him!

Sometimes we have to fail in order for us to really appreciate what it means to have faith. Jesus had already warned Peter that he would deny him, and even called him “Simon” (the name he was given after the flesh), though Peter was the name he was given after the Spirit! 

Simon had to go on a journey spiritually and psychologically, to become the man Jesus would make him to be as a result of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.

It is the Spirit who helps our infirmities and helps us pray (Romans 8:26). Simon makes a mess of things in his own life, and then needs help. Only Jesus, the Great Shepherd of the Sheep can restore his soul. Aren’t you glad He is your Great Shepherd and that He restores your soul?

Finding My Place By The Fire | 6 MP3

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