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In the series, I talk from the many passages that are present and filled with insight, on how Job lifted his voice and lament, mourning, grief, and even complaint. And in none of it did God ever say he sinned with his mouth. His friends thought they were speaking for God. They weren’t. God was quite upset with them, and God makes it plain at the end of the book that he wasn’t happy with them, because they haven’t spoken faithfully of him, while Job indeed speak faithfully and truly about who God was and who God is.


I really do believe that is challenging the book is as the book of Job, and as painful as it is to realize what he went through, if we are patient, the way James tells us to consider Job’s patience, we will discover that we will see the goodness of God in the land of the living.

I Won't Complain or Will I | 4 MP3

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