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None of Jesus’ prayers ever go unanswered. Yet, some of ours do! There are all sorts of reasons for that. One of the biggies is that we try to force our way into the future with prayer. So we have turned prayer into a technique. We have also tried to fit prayer into our schedules! None of this has anything to do with true prayer. The Father and the Son have been communing by the Spirit for ever and ever! Prayer is you entering into that communion and sharing their life.


“If God Is So Good, How Come My Prayer Isn’t Answered…Yet?”


Notice the ellipsis in the title (the three dots …)? I want you to make sure you understand that in relation to your unanswered prayer, there is a “YET”! You will enter some key stories in Scripture and discover how the “YET” is so important to both you and the Father.


This multiple message series will show you some helpful insights from the Scriptures that we often overlook in regards to prayer. This series will enrich your life, and deepen the well within you! It is life-changing


If God Is So Good| 4 Cd's

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