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What is it that matters to you that either your own heart, or that enemy has convince you doesn’t matter to God?


Would you be willing to answer that question transparently without fear, knowing it is safe to do so?


Never forget…

  • God is concerned about your never enough.
  • God is concerned about the fact that often your resources fall short, and you run out just when you need to have more.
  • God is concerned about how even you’re six days of labor fall short of the rest of the Sabbath that God made for your sake. He cares if you hold have to hold down multiple jobs to make ends meet.


Beloved, the print my heart for you in this season is that you will grasp and a greater measure the grace of our Lord Jesus in this simple yet profound awareness that: “if it matters to you, it matters to God!”


If It Matters To You It Matters To God | 4 Dvd's

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