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Healing flows from Jesus. Just walking with Him by faith, and pouring your heart out, has profound psychological and emotional benefits. Walking faithfully with Jesus brings about a restoration of internal integrity. Internal integrity happens as a by-product of the walk of faith. It happens because of learning and discerning where the presence of Jesus is moving and what he is focusing on in your life at this very moment, and in this season.


  • The Spirit, from the inside-out wants to deepen the relationship between your own self-awareness and how your God-awareness is connected to it.
  • The Spirit, from the inside-out wants to assist you in developing your emotional muscles so that your moods are strengthened and abide in an optimistic state rather than a negative state.


Your emotions, feelings, and moods, believe it or not, were shaped by the time you are only 6 or 7 years of age, and not all of that shaping was healthy. In fact, redemption doesn’t only heal you in relation to your future, redemption works its way backwards to cure your soul’s diseases by helping you redefine your past. When the Spirit, as directed by the intercession of Jesus on your behalf searches the depths of your being on behalf of the Father, all sorts of things can not only get reconciled, they turn the rough places smooth, and the low places become leveled out.


This series is full of insights on Jesus’ own journey to being and becoming the Healer of our soul’s diseases. It is an eye-opener for sure. However, more than that, it is a heart opener. And all healing begins in the heart, because faith is birthed in the heart by the Spirit.

Jesus Physician of The Soul | 4 MP3

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