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I am persuaded that there is coming heaven in this hour, fresh
fire and fresh wind. The Breath of God Himself is moving. The
Wind blows where it wills. There is a SOUND that accompanies
that wind! Blessed are the people that know the joyful sound
(Psalm 89:15).
It is the fellowship of the Son, the fellowship of the King that
changes hearts and minds. It isn’t by an army, it isn’t by political
power, it is by the Spirit that God does what He does to conquer
the nations. The Gospel WILL prevail!
Jesus is seated on the Throne of the Universe, and every enemy
is going to be made a footstool for His feet (Psalm 110:1). And
the Father is going to use you and me to bring that to pass! Turn
your faith loose!
In this series, I take you on a journey into the Scriptures and the
great conflict of the ages, and the Story of how God who is King,
is establishing His Kingdom in the earth through the obedience
of faith of the saints. This series on the Kingdom is both a
teaching on the nature of the Kingdom and the power of the
Kingdom. It will serve to be a powerful learning resource to add
to your listening-and-learning library. I pray it makes your hunger
for intimacy with God deepen.

Now Is The Time To Take The Kingdom | 6 MP3

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