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Group Coaching with a Personal Touch. Get the unique coaching approach with Dr. Chironna with the power of the Winslow Profile.


The Winslow Profile

Founded in 1968, Winslow Research Institute applies 52 years of research and development to the creation of powerful human behavior assessment programs. The Winslow Assessment Systems (assessment profiles, interpretative reports and related components) were authored and validated by a distinguished panel of psychologists and business executives, to measure the personality and behavior of individuals in a wide variety of applications. This is significant because personality and behavior are the most relevant predictors of success in both careers and personal lifestyles. Assessment of personality traits provides more insight into individuals' than behavioral style tests that merely categorize participants. More traits are measured, more comprehensive feedback and more features provided than any other assessment. This all translates to a much more efficient method of employee screening or individual assessment

Proxity Coaching Plus

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