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How do we rebuild a culture of the Kingdom of God, which by the way is IN THE HOLY SPIRIT not in politics (Romans 14:17), though it will influence the political arena if the Church would simply obey Christ?


I think the tools are so obvious that in this current culture of celebrity and entertainment we get intimidated about using them. God is going to bring about a new day of restoration in relation to His Church, the Bride and Wife of the Lamb, so that she can say with the Spirit, “Even so come Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20).

We need the power of God the Father’s 3-fold cord that cannot be broken, and if we break the cord we will suffer. 


What is the Father’s 3-fold cord that has to be honored as held together and never separated if the tools we have been given are to be effective?




  • The Son
  • The Spirit
  • The Scriptures


You cannot, and I cannot separate these three, and sadly beloved, in modern compromised evangelical circles, these three cords are being separated, and the Church is losing its saltiness due to compromise.


However, you and I are people who honor the Father’s 3-fold cord. 


The Scriptures testify of the Son.

The Spirit wrote the Scriptures.
The Son is the author of the Scriptures.


You cannot separate them without losing the presence and power of God.

We need to see the hand of the Lord move in this hour.


We need to see the restoration of the City of God, the Church!

Restoring The City, Rebuilding The Culture | 4 Dvd's

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