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Surviving” is associated with emotional distress and even feeling less than energetic, and sometimes just flat out worn out. When you are in survival mode, you can find that things that normally interest you or used to interest you, no longer hold the excitement they once did. Now we are getting back to the peanut-butter stuck to the roof-of-your mouth stuff that makes life and the moments of life last longer….


Is there in you any (doesn’t have to be all) of the following things:

· A deep yearning for “something more”?

· Periods of time where you feel “empty”?

· Unsettled feelings about different areas of your life?

· The absence of the kind of success you anticipated at this point in your journey?

· A feeling as though you are just ‘getting by’?

· An absence of a sense of direction?

· An absence of a sense of purpose (even if at one time there was)?

· Areas where you are unfulfilled?

· Areas where you have lost interest in what you have known to be what really gave you joy at one time or another?


Are you willing to explore the areas of your life where things aren’t quite measuring up? Are you willing to have your faith, hope, and love renewed in Jesus, the One who is “the absence of all things harmful and the presence of all things beneficial”?


I am persuaded there is a journey to well-being, total well-being that Jesus has us on, no matter where we may be at the current moment, or what your current reality may be.


In this series you will learn how He wills for you to THRIVE and not merely SURVIVE.

Surviving To Thriving | 6 cd's

SKU: 30323
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