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In this series I lay down a foundation from a Biblical perspective on how God wants us to see and participate in alternate futures to the culture of death that is alll around us.The series is all about a fresh approach to the walk of faith. 

It is time to ask God for the alternatives he has desired to release by asking him to sanctify our imaginations to see beyond natural trends and tensions.


  • What do you need to let go of that is old fixation getting in the way of a new alternative?
  • What are the new connections the spirit is wanting you to make at this season of your life?
  • How effective are you at discerning the institutions that come to you by the power of the indwelling spirit?
  • Have you heard the "sound" of the spirit?
  • Have you caught the "wind" of the spirit?
  • Have you felt the "fire" of the spirit?


You are apart of an emerging company of men and women that will carry on the legacy of the tribe of Issachar that will understand the times we live in and know how to act in faith for things to shift in favor of God's future!

The Issachar Legacy | 6 MP3

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