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The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You: How to Unlock Your Destiny Powers

The Lord's Kingdom is within you, and therefore you have the ability to unleash and unlock the DESTINY POWERS within you as well. There are a number of Destiny Powers; this series focuses on these 5:


  • Receiving Divine Guidance
  • Moving in the Obedience of Faith
  • Operating in the Law of Intention
  • Acting "As If" (which is tied to an aspect of the Law of Faith)
  • Fleshing Out Your Destiny and Dreams (which is about the Word becoming flesh in your life by going from your mind and heart all the way into your muscles so that you become unconsciously competent)

Discover how to move through each phase of your 5 Destiny Powers to seek fulfillment and authentic happiness in life based on your unique factors. As you unlock these Destiny Powers, you will be enabled to recover:


  • The experience of a profound sense of flow
  • Being in the right place at the right time
  • Using all your gifts for their highest and best good


Are you ready for a season where you make a real "wish list" that gets fulfilled by the Father?

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within | 5 Dvd's

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