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What are the disappointments that have imprisoned your heart and mind? 


What are the frustrations that have held you in their grip and hindered you from being convinced that God is going to raise dead things back to life?


Jesus wants to walk you out of your fears, your sadness, your disappointments, your hopelessness, your powerlessness, your frustrations, and anything else that smacks of death. You want the move of God? Start walking. He will meet you on the very road you are on right now, even if you don’t quite like that road. Walk with Him out of your imprisoned frustrations from your yesterdays. A new day has dawned (for real), and while everything that can be shaken is being shaken, you and I are in the process of receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken! Jesus is walking with us! He is walking into new territory because He made the three day journey to New Creation two millennia ago.


This 4 disc power-packed teaching messages on the theme that “nothing can stay dead in the presence of resurrection life”, and itis going to cause your heart to burn with earnest expectation for Christ’s glory to be made manifest as you walk with Him by faith.

The Spirit of Prophecy | 4 Cd's

SKU: 30297
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